I just got an email saying that a date for a show I was planning on going to had changed. It is now on the same day as the show that I was going to have the lion and zebra costume for. Prize is going to be so relieved. The costume show had a class where you wear a costume and do a routine. I was ignoring that until this morning when it dawned on me that with the lion costume we almost had to do a routine to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” Instead now we’ll be going to a proper show. Well, a sort of proper show. I had the worst judge ever at this show once. We only went in two classes and after it she came up to me and said that we were the best horse and handler in the classes and normally she’d place us first but they were using 4-H rules so she placed us last. I’m a big 4-H person and know the rules backwards and forwards so I know that I was the only one following the rules and obviously she didn’t know what she was talking about. So we went home. But I see the judge listed for this show is actually very good.

They also have a costume class. Maybe the lion and zebra idea isn’t dead yet.