I am a horrible sick person. It surprises me because I’m fairly lazy at heart so you’d think if I had an excuse to lay about all weekend I’d be all over that.

I have caught the plague from my coworkers. Thank ya’ll so much. I was the last to get it but when I got it, I got it. I left work early on Friday. I never do that. I came home and slept for 5 hours. Here’s the true sign of illness. I skipped my p90x workout that day. It was pylometrics and I knew I would die.

Saturday I wasn’t much better. I did go to the gym and do my arm workout. That doesn’t require the ability to breathe. Afterwards I marinated the dumbbells I used in disinfectant. I put about 1/4 of a bottle on them. Probably the cleanest things in the whole place now. By Saturday night I had cabin fever. Bored out of my mind. I wanted to visit the neighbors but the SO grounded me since I am a biological weapon at this point.

Now it is Sunday and I’m not better and I know I should be resting but I’m squirmy. I did most of the yoga workout. The vinyasa series actually cleared my head some but eventually I got dizzy from the lack of O2 and fast forwarded to the balance and stretching sections. This weekend I’ve watched the first season of Pawn Stars and started watching Dr. Who. I want to take Freckles to the dog park but my brain knows that is stupid. I want to go to the library but I know I have stuff to read. I need to lay down and shut up but I’m too stupid stubborn for that.