When Freckles moved in I did not want her to sleep on the bed. Two adult humans and the occasional cat was quite enough in a double bed. That worked for one night until she asserted her absolute belief in her right to sleep on the bed. Since then we have worked out a system. The SO gets his half of the bed. I get the other. I share my space with Freckles. She always ends up by our feet. I sleep on my side in a vaguely fetal position and she tucks in behind my knees. If Riley deigns to join us, he sleeps by my chest. If anyone needs to roll over we have to work in sync.

Last night, I was woken from a sound slumber by a punch in the chest. I opened my eyes to see Riley head butting my chest in a most insistent manner. Turns out I was sleeping on the edge of the bed and there was no room for him. It was 2 AM. Just because I’d been asleep for hours was no reason not to leave a space in case he wanted to cuddle. I slid my upper body back, careful not to disturb Freckles asleep behind my knees. I lifted up my arm and Riley slid in against my chest. I told him that I was going to have to put my arm back down so if he didn’t want that much cuddling he could go sleep in another bed. I draped my arm over him. He didn’t seem to mind.

I’m just glad Powder refuses to sleep in the same bed as a dog. She is the smallest pet we have but is a total bed hog.

I think the SO put Riley up to this. He wanted to go order a larger bed this weekend but I didn’t feel like making the trip. He probably told the cat to wake me up at 2 AM every day until I agree.