We’re just going to file this story under “Sadly Not Made Up” and move on….

Yesterday, a kid, a mother, and a puppy came into the office for the puppy’s first visit. The kid is 2 and a half. The kid was convinced that they were at her doctor’s visit. So when I walked into the exam room the kid bolted for her mom. I had noticed that when I walked in the kdi was licking her hands. When her mother grabbed her she noticed that there was something on the kid’s hands. A quick sniff IDed it as dog poop.

I ushered them to the bathroom across the hall while I cuddled the very cute puppy. When they came back the mother asked if the kid was going to get worms.

Me: Usually at this point of the discussion I mention that they usually have to eat the poop and we all laugh.
Mom: She’s a known poop eater.

She went on to explain that when the girl was learning to crawl she used to pick up dog poop and eat it. I’m hoping this was outside. My mind can go off on tangents. I looked at the kid. I told her to never get a boyfriend because her mother had too many embarrassing stories to use on her. Then her mother said that she had a series of pictures of her eating boogers that she was planning on showing boyfriends too.

I recommended that she talk to the kid’s doctor about parasite checks especially since the puppy had two types of worms. She didn’t seem too concerned about it. She’s going to ask the doctor at their next visit in August. I said that she may want to call. But the kid probably has the strongest immune system on Earth by this point so she may be just fine.