I was sitting on the couch minding my own business last night when the weirdest thing happened. I got a stomach cramp and then I got really, really cold. Goose bumps and everything. I couldn’t get warm. I had a space heater on me but it didn’t help. I got dizzy then.

I’m still dizzy. I’ve spent the day laying carefully horizontal.  Freckles is hanging out with me and we’re watching Doctor Who on the iPad.

I’m starting to think that Freckles is just humoring me at times. Our stairs have a landing halfway down. When I start downstairs she runs ahead to the landing. Then she stops to look back at me to see if I’m really coming. I’m a bit offended by this. Ok, so I might often start down the stairs and realize I forgot something upstairs. I see how she might get frustrated if she runs down the stairs and I turn around and go back and then she has to run back up. But, does she have to give me the “Are you sure this time” look?  Most cheeky.