Snow day

It is a bloody winter wonderland outside. I believe I have made my feelings about snow clear in the past. I’m not a fan. I grew up in a snowy part of the country. I have moved a bit south to a place where snow is expected but doesn’t really seriously happen all that often. It happened yesterday.

But because I’m so accustomed to snow the “seriousness” of the situation didn’t occur to me. I headed out yesterday to go to the library. Huh, the plows don’t seem to have come through. But my little Honda Civic is having no trouble. Huh, I’m the only person on the road. That’s odd. Then I get to the library and it is closed. For a snow emergency, according to the sign on the door. I got there just fine. What emergency?

So I went to the store. That was open and I got what I needed. There were even Amish people out with horses so obviously they didn’t think it was all that bad.

I got home and decided to check on my propane tank. I ordered propane last week. I checked the tank and it was reading 0%. I called the propane company. Closed due to snow emergency.

Now either my gauge is busted or we are in the middle of a miracle here. That was yesterday morning and I still have heat. The company is still closed. I moved Ozzie downstairs to stay warm. The basement is naturally warmer because it is underground and it is usually heated only with a little space heater. The cats have had to be banished from the basement because a bird in new surroundings seems too be way too much stimulation for them. About the fourth time I caught a cat in mid-leap I told them they had to stay upstairs.

The husband got two more space heaters so even if the miracle of the proprane runs out we should be fine on heat. We only run the furnace on it and everything else is electric.

The clinic closed today so I’m off work. I’m going to play on the internet, watch some movies, sew, scrapbook, and clean.


  • spirit

    I didn’t write down how much snow we have because I just know you’d fall out of your chair laughing. We would never have been shut down in northern PA either. It would have just merited a “By the way, it snowed a bit” comment on the news.

  • Kati

    Dang!!!! Between you & Steph, I’m getting a bit jealous here!!!! We never have snow-days (this is Alaska, we’d be shut down between Oct & May 15th). And the “icy-roads days” we get are pathetic because the DOT pretends they don’t know what to do (duh, SAND!) and yet, somehow, most bosses make it in and expect the rest of us to do the same because THEY did. Of course, the schools & the day-cares close, which means those of us with kids are up sh**-creek, deciding whether to stay home with the kid, or go to work & get paid….. LOL Thankfully I work for the borough now, and have awesome leave-time benefits…..

    Anyway, I’ll stop griping. Hope you enjoy your snow-day, and the fuel company gets their head out of their butts long enough to deliver your propane. And a Happy V-Day to yoU!

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