A few days ago the husband reported that he went to buy me something for Valentine’s Day. He reported this proudly because he never buys except at the last minute. He also told me that he couldn’t give me whatever it is because it wasn’t Valentine’s Day yet. This is also an improvement because once he buys a gift he is overwhelmed with a desire to give it to me. Good thing we celebrate Yule because he could never hold out until Christmas to give (or receive) a gift.

But he said that he got in trouble at the store because he was buying several things. He put them all on the counter and the cashier said, “No, you are not giving that to her!” He looked at his purchases and realized that nestled in the obviously Valentine’s Day stuff was a bottle of diet pills.

I don’t know what he bought me yet but obviously it isn’t fine jewels since they sell diet pills at the same store. He’s lucky I’m not a big materialist kind of girl. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

4 Replies to “My funny Valentine’s Day”

  1. LOL That’s sweet!!!! And glad the diet pills weren’t for you. 😉 That’d be grounds for murder, esp. on valentines, unless you’d told him to pick them up for ya. LOL

  2. Turns out that he bought himself diet pills and me a gigantic heart shaped lollipop. I also got a candle with sparkles and hearts buried in it and a card.

  3. Sooo….. Whatdcha get?!?!?! Come on…. You can’t write up a lead-up like that then leave us hanging. You’ve gotta tell us what he got ya! 😉

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