Best thing I made all week – A smoothie with banana, canned pumpkin, a date, loads of pumpkin pie spice, and almond milk. Like pumpkin pie in a glass except I don’t like pumpkin pie so it is even better than that.

WatchingPerson of Interest Season 1 on DVD while sewing.
The husband is trying to correct my horrible cultural inadequacies by making me watch The Waltons on DVD. We are on season 3. Can you believe there is a wait list for the DVDs from Netflix? Maybe they only have 1 copy.

Thinking about – What my diet rules are going to be when the Whole Life Challenge ends on Nov. 10.

Looking forward to – A celebratory meal of Indian food.  Biryani and naan were totally off limits for 2 months.

What shocked me – I was reading irritating websites again and found out that there is a mindset out there that women should never have been given the right to vote.  The argument is that if women are planning to vote they start thinking for themselves.  While doing that thinking they may disagree with their husbands.  This leads to conflict in the family and the subsequent breakdown of the family unit if women do not submit to the authority of men.  The breakdown of the family unit leads to the downfall of western society.

The one site I read called women voting “an unmitigated disaster.”  Love that line.

Sadly, I found this through women espousing this worldview. Their solutions tend to be that they should cast their vote to double the support for the candidates and positions that their husbands tell them to vote for.  I showed this to the husband with the disclaimer that I’m never going to be this supportive of a wife to him.  He actually doubled over laughing reading.

We are voting totally opposite of each other this year.  We know this.  You know what? It doesn’t affect our marriage.  We joke about it.  He tries to tell me that they moved voting to next Wednesday so I will go too late.  I put my fingers in my ears and sing when he tries to convert me.  I’m fairly confident that this is not going to lead to a divorce, let alone the fall of nations.