Today’s special guest blogger – Prize

Hi there! I have to take over this blog because my mom is a bit shaky at the moment. She got inspired this morning to get on me. This is the first time since I came home from school. She’d ridden me a lot at school with no problems. But today she was shaking like a leaf. Really I don’t know what her problem is. Ok, ok, I admit I have spectactularly dumped her upon occasion but that was sooooo long ago. She ought to just let it go, right?

So she saddled me up ok but then she led me to a hay bale to get on. I could have dealt with that if she had just jumped on, but no. She was shaking so hard I thought she was going to fall over and she kept positioning me so I was perfectly lined up. I’m a patient sort of girl but you can only stand temptation for so long. You don’t see me waving a brownie around her while telling her to “Stand!” do ya? She got all testy every time I tried to take a bite. Then it was back to lining me up. I wanted to bite her in the butt and tell her to “Get on!”

Finally managed to get herself in the saddle and then just sat there. I had to take matters in my own hooves. “Let’s have a bit of a walk, shall we?” I suggested. She seemed ok with that so off we went. She did pretty good. Practiced a lot of emergency stops at first but gradually let me go. Then she even relaxed enough to remember that I’m supposed to be holding my body in collection. Darn, I was hoping she forgot about that. But, I did it just to humor her. Even backed up as light and pretty as you please when she asked.

We only rode for a few minutes before she got off and gave me a big hug. Humans are so easy to please. Then they give you a flake of hay for the afternoon just for not dumping them on their heads.