• Cincinnati and northern KY – I don’t think there are any other series that imagine this area quite like this.
  • World building – All the supernatural creatures are out because genetically engineered tomatoes wiped out most of the humans in the 1960s.
  • Pixies – Fierce, loyal, protective, great spies, and breed faster than rabbits.  I love Jenks.
  • Newt – Before Rachel she was the lone female demon and she is absolutely out of her mind crazy which makes her unpredictable and powerful.  I love the fact that she ends up becoming the new Goddess to save everyone and make the elves have to work with a demon whether they like it or not.
  • Kisten – I liked him but liked the fact that they killed off the main love interest of the series early.
  • Trent – Nice transition from evil overlord to good guy
  • Bis and Etude – The gargoyles were cool.
  • Al – You can look like anything you want and you choose a green crushed velvet jacket with lace at the cuffs because you can.


Didn’t Like

  • Ivy – She was cool at the beginning and then just lost all purpose for being.  I was happy when it seemed that she was going to not be involved as much anymore and then the last book is all about helping her.  I never understood why Rachel was so obsessive about her.  She didn’t seem to ever give anything in return.  I kept wanting her to get killed off.
  • Vampires – These are some horrible vampires.  All they do is sit around and mope.  Oh, excuse me, occasionally they sob.
  • Elsbeth – This elf lady was super annoying and reminds me of someone I know so I didn’t like her.  You aren’t supposed to like her but they even try to somewhat redeem her at the end.  It didn’t work.

WTF was up with that ending?

Ok, it is 27 years later and Rae is getting married.  Rachel and Trent have been together all this time but they can’t get married because the head elf can’t be married to barren woman? Oh, yes, they used that term.  But, never fear, Trent has genetically engineered a way to have demon/elf hybrids survive so now they can get married and live happily ever after.  I mean Rachel has saved the world over and over but it doesn’t really mean anything because everyone knows a woman’s worth ultimately comes down to whether or not she can be bred like a brood mare.  They just had a whole chapter about how she helped raise her step-children but forget about all that too.  Only the fruit of your own loins saves you.  I wish I had been reading a physical copy so I could have jumped up and down on it.


Great series but I’d skip the last book.  You don’t need it.