St. James Park is a 57 acres park that sits between Horse Guards and Buckingham Palace. It features a large lake with two islands.

Originally, the space was used for grazing cattle until it was redesigned as a more formal garden. Birds were kept here to be eaten in the palace. There are still a lot of birds.

We were walking around the lake and kept seeing signs that said not to feed the pelicans. This seemed extremely odd since there weren’t any pelicans to be seen. Finally at the very end of our walk we saw this. I yelled and pointed like a small child.


The first pelicans were gifts from the Russian ambassador. What do you get for a king who has everything? Pelicans apparently.

The gardens were beautiful. We were there in early May so the tulips were everywhere.

Also there was a Shaun the Sheep.

There were 50 of these all over London. I posed by as many as we ran across.

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  1. Oh wow, this is so lovely! I don’t know how I missed it when I was in London, as we were right around that area. Another time, I suppose! Your pictures are so pretty, and I LOVE Shaun the Sheep! So cute!! Thanks for sharing these 🙂

  2. I love Shaun the Sheep- and the tulips, and the pelicans… forget it- I like the whole post and I am immensely jealous. Hope you have fun with the rest of your travels!
    ~Litha Nelle

  3. I love the way the Eye acts as a frame in that first shot, quite gorgeous! I also love that you squealed like a small child!! Somewhere there’s a picture of me and my big brother as children posing in Trafalgar Square, pigeons all over us. I screamed like the small child I was! Love your posts! Are you on an extended vacation there or have you taken up residence in England? Here’s my British Isles Friday post:

    1. We were only there for 1 week in May. I’m spreading out vacation posts so I have something each week for British Isle Friday.

  4. We really liked St. James’s Park. It was near where we stayed so we often headed over there in the morning or evening when we wanted a walk. No tulips or Shaun the Sheep when we were there, though — fun to see it in a different season!

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