About two weeks ago the SO casually asked, “Do you have any extra quilts just laying around?” Please. The poor boy obviously hasn’t grasped all the implications of living with a quilter. I was able to pull several unquilted tops from a shelf without leaving the room.

It turns out that his office is super air conditioned and they can’t control the thermostat. They have space heaters running in the summer. Nice use of resources. Anyway, a coworker is very cold and he’s trying to make up for a bad start they had when they first were working together so he wanted to take her a quilt.

The only problem is that my friend with the longarm machine and I have been running on completely opposite times. I’ve been trying to make a date for quilting several tops for almost a year with no luck. Then her mom got very ill and eventually died last month so she’s been out of town a lot. Her husband was just diagnosed with renal cancer. She told me that she had this week to do something between getting her mom’s affairs mostly settled and her husband’s surgery next week. I was to distract her from her life and she was distracting me from Spirit. I decided to get the quilt for the SO done and the wedding dress quilt that Michelle has been waiting so long for done.

The problem with us machine quilting is that we are idiots. We always get it set up wrong. It took us 1.5 hours and 5 tries to get this quilt on the machine correctly. It took a half hour to meander quilt.


The quilt was a hit at the office. Apparently, the women there think that quilting is a mystical lost art practiced by a small tribe of specially initiated tribeswomen. Little do they know that we are trying hard to take over the world…