Last night I turned the beasties out in the pasture at 6:45. Then I stayed with them. I took reading material and sat down on top of the hill of the pasture and watched them. They found this strange. So did my neighbor who came over to see what I was doing. I stayed out there for a few hours with my adrenaline getting up everytime Prize went near the fence. No attempts were made to escape and it finally got dark. I had to come in because I couldn’t see the horses anymore.

At 7:00 this morning I went out and…..

    There are 3 horses in my pasture!!!

That is precisely the number of horses I wished to see. They are even the correct three horses. So, I think for a time being we have solved the fence problem. At least until she decides to dismantle it in another way…..

One Reply to “Success”

  1. Yay!! way to go. Loved the story about Spirit dropping off in the showing lineup.. silly business, isn’t it?
    Has Prize been telepathically communicating with Clyde? He has learned to undo gates with his nose!

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