I survived the meeting of the mother and the SO. However, I don’t believe that the SO fully grasped what I meant when I said that my mom and I talk all the time but don’t talk about anything to do with feelings. He has pretty much no filter on feelings talks and he likes to talk so he was way more open with my mother than I would have liked. Since I tended to be sitting between them I couldn’t subtly hit him to make him stop. Besides, the one time I tried it he told my mother that I had just hit him!

It started with his comment about the first time I cried in front of him. I actually laid down on the ground (I was already sitting on the ground) and covered my face with my hands. This was public humiliation at the worst. I’m known in my family as a cold-hearted b*tch with no emotions. Now within minutes of meeting my mother he’s revealing that not only do I cry but that I’ve done it more than once. My mother looked over at me. He intercepted the look and said, “She’s really emotional.” My mother replied, “She does her best to hide it.” I was praying to any God who was interested to kill me now.

He probably revealed more personal stuff to my mother than she’s ever known about me. She knew it was killing me and she seemed quite amused by it. From now on I will have to be quite specific on my gag orders.