The Couch Chronicles

Ever since I met the husband six years ago we have been looking for a couch.  He wanted a sectional like his neighbor had.  Of course that couch came from a store that didn’t exist any more. So for the […]


You know it is hot when you are watering the garden and a robin doesn’t move out of the way but instead stands under the spray to cool down. Our central air conditioning doesn’t work. It isn’t a total shock. […]


I have a hammock!!!! It is a life long dream.  How sad is that?  I spent some quality time in a hammock on a farm in Bolivia once.  Loved it. I lounged on my new hammock today and then I […]

House Rules

Last night I heard the most pathetic little mewing from outside the house.  I rushed out to find out what was wrong with my poor Riley-schnoogums.  He came running when I opened the door.  This is also unusual since he […]