You know it is hot when you are watering the garden and a robin doesn’t move out of the way but instead stands under the spray to cool down.

Our central air conditioning doesn’t work. It isn’t a total shock. We knew it looked dicey when we bought the house in January. I’m fine. But everyone else was most pathetic.

It isn’t like they have no place to get cool. There is a perfectly fine downstairs that is very cool. My sewing room even has a dog bed, a yoga mat, and carpet to sleep on. They know about this because when I go down to sew the whole herd follows me in relief. But, they can’t seem to make the mental leap to go down their on their own to get cool. Or else Freckles wants to let us know how much she is suffering by melting into a puppy puddle right before our eyes.

The SO went out and bought a window air unit for the bedroom while we save up to get the central air replaced. The animals have called a truce to allow for proper cooling. Everyone can get on the bed regardless of previous blood feuds in order to get cool. Freckles is so relieved that she’s quit threatening to call the Humane Society.