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12 Jun, 2013

WIP Wednesday and more QOVs

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I’ve been being a quilty slacker. About all I’ve been working on is the Doctor Who Stitch Along.



2nd doctor

3rd doctor

We won’t discuss the fact that I just finished the third one on the same day the fifth one is due to be announced. Shut up.

I have gotten all the rows together for this quilt using the 10th anniversary blocks for Quilts of Valor.


Speaking of Quilts of Valor, here are some more quilts from Western Reserve Quilters Anonymous. I went there last week to see their QOV Challenge reveal. Part one is here.

QOV challenge quilts

QOV challenge quilts

The lady above made 5 quilts for the challenge!

QOV challenge quilts

QOV challenge quilts

QOV challenge quilts

QOV challenge quilts

QOV challenge quilts

07 Jun, 2013

QOV show

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A few days ago I got an email from the challenge coordinator of a local guild asking if I happened to be free on Friday morning.  The Western Reserve Quilters Anonymous Guild had a Quilts of Valor challenge and today was the day when members were to bring in their quilts. 

There were 17 quilts and tops on display.  A few were donated today and others will be donated after the guild’s quilt show.

QOV challenge quilts

QOV challenge quilts

QOV challenge quilts

QOV challenge quilts

QOV challenge quilts

More later…

16 May, 2013

Quilts of Valor Presentations

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This weekend I had the opportunity to present two quilts to veterans in my area.



These quilts were made by at a sewing day at a local quilt store.

I’ve also mailed out two of these blue and white samplers.


The veterans who are receiving these aren’t able to meet in person so I’m mailing them.

30 Apr, 2013

WIP Wednesday

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I’ve been a bit of a slacker this week but I did manage to finish two and half hexagons. Powder is unimpressed as noted by the huge yawn. (Actually she looks quite vicious in this picture but trust me, it was a yawn.)

more hexi with Powder

I did finish one swap block.

roddyjen's block

I do have quilts for show and tell though.

Ever since I’ve been the State Coordinator for Ohio for Quilts of Valor I’ve had a dream. I wanted to have a stash of a few quilts so I would have some on hand whenever a request came in. What I’ve been doing is emailing my state volunteers and begging whenever I have a request.

Now, I have a stash. A local quilt shop had a sewing day and made 7 quilts. I picked them up this weekend.

I love this flag design.


There are three of this sampler quilt.


A sampler in another colorway


A cute star quilt


Edge to edge stars


Even the backs are cute. This is the back on all the red, white, and blue samplers.

quilt back

The first of these quilts will be going to its new home as soon as the soldier gets home from reserve duty in May. He’s been waiting for a bit because the quilt that was meant for him got lost in the mail. Now that we have a stash I can fill any requests that come in and maybe even help out other states!

14 Feb, 2013

February Sampler Day 14

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I knew I wanted to do something Valentine’s Day-ish but I wasn’t sure what. This quilt will probably end up with a man so I didn’t want it to be too girly. Then I saw a picture of a patriotic heart block. That was perfect.


There weren’t any directions so I sketched it out and had some quality time with Pythagoras to get the sizes. I figured since I did the math I would make a tutorial for exactly how I made it.

Cut 1.5″ strips of red and white

Make a 10.5″ long strip set of red – white – red and a 5.5″ strip set of red – white.

Cut a 2.5″ x 5.5″ rectangle of blue print and sew it to the red – white strip set.

patriotic heart tutorial

Cut a 5.5″ square of blue print and a 5.5″ square of white. Sew them together. Sew this to the red – white – red strip.

patriotic heart tutorial

patriotic heart tutorial

Cut out a 5.5″ square of white. Cut it once on the diagonal. Sew it to the sides of the blue squares as shown.

patriotic heart tutorial

Cut a 8.5″ square of white on the diagonal. Sew it to the other corners.

patriotic heart tutorial

Your block now looks like this.

patriotic heart tutorial

Take a ruler and start to square it up. Use colorful language when you realize that the width is about 14″ and you had calculated a 12″ block. Decide that Pythagoras was a dirty liar. You could make a 14″ block here by squaring it up and then adding borders to the top and bottom to make it 14″ all the way around. I’m making a 12″ sampler so I took a deep breath, centered the block, and cut the width to 12.5″. Then I added a small border on the bottom to make it square.

01 Feb, 2013

February Quilts of Valor Sampler

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I’m doing a project for February. I’m going to make a block for each day from February 1 – 26. I’ll use the last three days of February to put it together.

Here is day 1.


This block was designed by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville. It is from her Carolina Christmas mystery quilt and is now found in her Scraps and Shirttails II book.

30 Jan, 2013

WIP Wednesday

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I finished the top of the lattice quilt Sunday night.

lattice top done

I was excited because I had a plan. I had an extra day off on Monday so I was going to do another top on Monday and Tuesday in order to send it off for a veteran’s retreat that Quilts of Valor Ohio was making quilts for. It was coming down to the finish time and we had most but not all of the quilts. I quit for the night, went upstairs, and checked my email. I got an email that out of the blue a guild that I didn’t know was involved in Quilts of Valor was volunteering to send us the remaining quilts we needed! With what they promised and other quilts that I know are coming in, we are actually a bit ahead of what we need in the state right this second. That’s been one of my goals.

So then I was confused. The sense of urgency to make another top was gone. I decided to work on something just for me. That took a whole mental change of gears that was surprisingly hard. But, I figured out what I wanted to do.

I finished all the blocks for my Spaghetti Junction quilt.


Now here’s the question. Borders. What color? I’m thinking a thin inner border of the grey that is used in each block but then what? Aqua, red, black, something else entirely?

I’m starting my block a day project in February. I’m going to make one 12 inch block every day for 25 days and then put a top together for Quilts of Valor by the end of the month. I’ll be posting on Ohio’s Facebook page and here if anyone wants to play along.

05 Dec, 2012

WIP Wednesday

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Swaps finished this week:

Aqua, grey, and yellow half square triangles.

Aqua, yellow, grey HSTs

Here’s the group so far.

HST group

The second one requested a French theme in black and white with a splash of aqua.

Prue's Paris block

Paris quilt group

I planned on getting more done but I had to put my machine in time out for acting up. It kept saying that it had a thread tangled even after I unthreaded it. I finally took it all apart and found a ball of lint the size of my bobbin in the bobbin case. Taking that out fixed things!

I’m a state coordinator for Quilts of Valor, an organization that makes quilts for veterans. January 1 is going to be the 1st Annual Quilts of Valor New Year’s Day Sit N Sew!

1. Pick a pattern that you would like to make that you think you can piece in one day.
2. Cut out all your fabrics during December.
3. On January 1st sit and sew it together.
4. When your top is finished, request a volunteer longarmer http://www.qovf.org/req-longarmer.html or arrange to have it quilted by a volunteer longarmer in your area (if you have one)
5. After your quilt is finished (bound, labeled, washed & in a presentation case), request a destination and put NYD S&S in the comments field of the request form. You will receive information on where to send your quilt and your name will then be entered into a drawing for prizes (to be announced)
6. A winner will be drawn for every 13 NYD S&S quilts, which are completed by March 13, 2013, for which a destination is requested. So the sooner you finish your quilt, the better your chance is of winning.

I’ve already picked my pattern. Now I just have to get it cut out! Everyone is welcome to join in. Tell everyone you know and let’s see how many quilts we can get made.

03 Oct, 2012

WIP Wednesday

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I almost never buy quilt books or patterns but I liked the designs I saw in Living Large 2 so I asked for it for Christmas last year. I finally got started on one of the quilts.

spaghetti junction

I’m making the cover quilt Spaghetti Junction. I bought a blogger bundle of fat quarters called Luna Landing from Pink Castle fabrics. Yep, I’m using a purchased pattern and fat quarters bought just for this quilt which I am going to keep. It is weird for me.

So far I have this:

spaghetti junction blocks

I’m making it as a leader – ender project so I can be working on multiple quilts at once.

This bunch of blocks:


Has become this:

asterick QOV

This top is going to be heading off to be quilted and then will be donated through Quilts of Valor. I’m coordinating a project to get 25 quilts donated for a retreat for veterans with PTSD in the spring. If anyone is interested in helping out, let me know.