WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I did a Quilts of Valor presentation this weekend. It was done at a family party. The first recipient was a WWII veteran.

The others were for a Vietnam veteran and an Iraq War veteran. I made the St. Louis 16 patch on the left.

I started a new project. I decided to see what would happen if I worked on a top for only 15 minutes a day. I designed a simple top of alternating and sashed 4 patches and squares with some applique on day 1. Now it is day 8 and all the blocks are made and the first row is together.

I’m posting my progress every morning on Quilts of Valor Ohio’s Facebook page and Instagram if you want to follow along. I’m surprised by how fast it is coming together.

I applied the 15 minute idea to my Swoon quilt this morning.

I got the first blocks sashed. Not bad for not really wanting to work on it but just making myself apply a few minutes to it.

This weekend is the Quilts of Valor National Sew Day. I’m running the Twitter and Instagram portion of the day. Follow the hashtag #quiltsofvalor to see what everyone is making that day! If you are sewing that day use the hashtag throughout the day so we can come visit.