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08 Jul, 2014

Fitness Tuesday

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I did a 5 mile race with my father and his running buddy. It was a spur of the moment thing but I did better than I expected. I wrote up a whole race report about it here – Findley Lake.

There were super walkers there.  One guy did it at an 8 mile an hour pace.  That’s way faster than I can run.  That’s faster than my father runs.  So of course I’ve been researching race walking technique to learn how to beat him.  I don’t have to get to 8 mph.  Over a long course 10 mph would do it.  Don’t judge me until you read the race report and see the kind of loving and supportive relationship we have.  We are just a bit competitive.  Actually, when I left his house on Saturday he all but ordered me to train for a race that is happening the next time I’m up to visit them.  Practicing would just be being obedient to my father, right?

Here’s a video of a woman’s one mile walking race. The winner did it in 6:39. I don’t know many people who could run it in that. I think a 10 minute mile might eventually be possible for me.

I’ve watched videos and read a book while lying in bed on Sunday.  Why while lying in bed, you ask?  Because after successfully and fairly quickly walking 5 miles on  Saturday morning, I went to a movie.  I fell off a step in the movie theater and sprained my ankle because I am the absolute embodiment of grace.  Last time I did this I was immediately set upon by muscular guys who took off my shoe and massaged my ankle.  This time my sister-in-law stood over me and yelled, “OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod” while trying to help in such a way that impeded me getting up.  I guess that’s the difference between getting hurt in gym versus getting hurt out in public.


We went swimming for a little bit.  I was pretty stiff after Saturday and wanted to see if I could limber up some.  I did some slow laps.  Breast stroke was easier on my leg than back stroke.

I did practice the race walking stride in the pool with my good foot.  You land on the heel with your knee straight and then roll from our heel to your toe.  I can’t wait to be able to walk again to really practice it.


I’m planning on going to the gym tonight and working upper body.  I’m thinking curls, presses, pull ups, and dips.  I can do those one foot.  After that we’ll try the swimming again.  My ankle is feeling pretty good so I think I may be able to do more tonight.

07 Jul, 2014

Findley Lake 5 Mile race report

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My father is a runner. He doesn’t understand why I’m not. He always wants to me go to races with him. He offers to run at my pace. I explain that he could run backwards in a circle around me and I’d still be too slow for him.

This weekend I decided to go to a race with him. I decided at a stupid time though. I declined the 5K on July 4 and ended up at a 5 miler on July 5.

I just walked it. I went with my father and one of his friends that he car pools to races with. I got all kinds of advice like if I saw someone with grey hair I was supposed to trip them since this race only had a 60 and over age group instead of 60-64 and 65-70 etc and they wanted to win.

From Dad’s friend, “Now we want to you boogie out there. No strolling.”

From Dad, “Ok, so when we finish we’ll go get a leisurely breakfast and then we’ll be back to see you cross the finish line.” Have I ever mentioned how loving and encouraging my family is?

I went to the back of the pack and set out at a good pace. I decided to try to beat the lady wearing pyjamas and support hose. That seemed like a doable goal. But she was fast! I had a hard time keeping up. There were four of us and a dog in front of the walking pack. Eventually she grabbed my arm even though I was wearing ear buds. She asked if I was local. I said no and that I was visiting my family. That led to a discussion of how everyone in her family had died and her sister-in-law had breast cancer again. No one has ever talked to me when I was running a race. Too busy trying to survive. Then she grabbed my arm and asked if my family was right with the Lord. Ok, time to move on. I eventually pulled away from her.

The race was around a lake. Around mile 4 the dog decided to get in the lake. Seemed reasonable and he was quite put out that his man wanted him to get out and keep walking.

Every time I saw a car like my dad drives coming toward me I was fairly certain it was them coming to see what was taking me so long.

I ended up in the front of the pack. I thought I was the first walker in. I finished the 5 miles in 1:12:22. That’s just over a 14 minute per mile pace. I was happy. I was hoping to be able to keep a 15 minute mile pace. Turns out though that there were super walkers there. The first place person did an 8 minute mile. How is that even possible?

I ended up being the 3rd female walker overall. No awards for walkers though. 🙁 Now I’m researching how to racewalk so I can be fast like the 8 minute mile guy. Ok, probably not that fast. But my goal is to be able to eventually do a 10 minute mile.