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10 Oct, 2010

Fiddle Jump

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This jump was used in the cross country course. It is huge! The other side of the jump is just as wide as the side that you can see here.

Fiddle jump

10 Oct, 2010

Obstacle 6

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This was the squirrel garden.


Daniel Wurgler of Switzerland in team colors

obstacle 6


Gavin Robson of Australia. Not the greatest video

09 Oct, 2010

Obstacle 5

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This is the Stone Garden. It was very tight and it had some balls on top of the boxes. If they knocked those off then they got 2 seconds added.

James Fairclough of the US


Koos De Ronde of The Netherlands

09 Oct, 2010

Obstacle 4

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Werner Ulrich of Switzerland on obstacle 4.

obstacle 4

Deborah Laderoute of Canada, one of two female drivers.

09 Oct, 2010

Obstacle 3

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Obstacle 3 was Spooky Hollow.

This is a US team.


This is Fredrik Persson of Sweden.

09 Oct, 2010

Obstacle 2

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Obstacle 2 is through the same water obstacle that the cross country course uses.

This is the first driver on course Georg Von Stein of Germany.

georg von stein

This is Mike Mc Lennan of the US.

09 Oct, 2010

Obstacle 1

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The driving marathon day starts with a 6k drive through the fields. Then they have to walk for 1k. There is a 10 minute vet hold and then they start the obstacles.

The obstacles are timed and they get 0.2 penalty points for every second they spend in the obstacle. So they go full out in each obstacle.

Obstacle 1 is hard to see because the hedges are high.

obstacle 1 weg

This may be Tomas Eriksson of Sweden but I won’t swear to that.

This is a better video but a way worse go. Bill Long of the US. Strong language alert.

09 Oct, 2010


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All hail Kentucky!!! Where the strippers love ponies and are very civic minded.


Can you believe they tried to make us pay $200 for this room? It even smells.


09 Oct, 2010


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We got here early and walked the marathon course. There are eight obstacles with multiple pieces in each. The course is on the same ground as the cross country course so I’ve been posing on some of the huge jumps. It confirmed that I have no desire to be an eventer.

We’ll be moving around to see all eight obstacles. Pictures and hopefully video to follow. I know that if was doing this I would be hopelessly confused.

26 Sep, 2010


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I need a flag on a stick.

That’s what I’ve learned so far from watching the World Equestrian Games. I subscribed to the FEI TV site so I can watch everything. The games are also on Universalsports.com but they are only showing the three Olympic events – dressage, show jumping, and eventing. I care more about seeing the driving and vaulting and endurance.

Right now I’m watching the reining. I don’t really care about reining but it is fun.

My mother and I are driving down in two weeks to see the Driving Marathon phase and the vaulting finals live. We need flags on sticks to wave from the stands.