We just had a huge doggy temper tantrum here. I had the gall to give Snowball a bath this morning. She has awful skin. I’ve put her on all kinds of things for her allergies. They all work a little but nothing fixes it all. Today I decided to bathe her with medicated shampoo and condition her hair. To top it all off, I blow dried her hair. It all adds up to 7 pounds of quivering fury.

When I let her go she started running madly through the house. She chased cats. She barked at the air. She aimed her most furious barks at me. She demanded to go outside. I informed her that her hair was still damp and it is 25 degrees out. She didn’t care. She ran around more and started crescendoing her bark. I let her out briefly. She came back in and around madly around some more. For a 15 year old little dog she can really move when she’s mad. It was like a little white damp blur flying past your ankles.

She’s collapsed now and is sleeping. She still looks mad.