I got 4 books from my The Broke and The Bookish Secret Santa partner!

I don’t often buy myself books but I wanted to take more time reading this one than I had from the library. I also wanted to trick the husband into reading it by leaving it around so he picks it up. Shhh…don’t tell him.

These are the books that I bought for the husband for Christmas. I’ll end up reading them too. He likes turtles. I saw the Offerman book when I was at Barnes and Nobles and it looked like it could be interesting. We took a trip to Lisbon previously and he likes WWII history so that seemed like a good combination.

I don’t have this one yet but I’ve ordered it. I’ve been watching the Julia tv show and her editor Judith Jones is very interesting. I’m excited to read her book.

This cookbook was gift from a coworker. It has some beautiful photography but some seriously complicated recipes. There are a lot of ingredients that I would have to google before I would even know how to start.