It is never too early to teach the importance of writing thank you notes.

“Dear Grandma,

Thank you for the rawhide bones. I had some big ones that I hadn’t eaten. I wasn’t too excited about them until Daddy collected them up and gave them to the neighbor dog. Then I decided that if I didn’t eat one he’d give yours away too.

After I ate one Mommy gave me another. It sat there for a week. I was savin’ it, you see. It wasn’t that I didn’t want it. It was mine. That’s why I got so mad when that Riley cat (who has been chasing me around for the last few days ‘cuz he’s mean) touched it WITH HIS PAW! I mean, EWWW! I had to show him that it was mine! So I gobbled it right up while I glared at him. That learned him good.

Your granddog,