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Libraries and Interlibrary Loans


I’d go broke trying to buy all the books I read in a year. I also don’t like the clutter that would happen with all of those books around. I like to read books and then give them back.

I also like to read unusual books. In the picture above, 2 of the three came through interlibrary loan because even though I have a great and huge library system, sometimes I stump even it with my requests.


Hi, my name is Heather and I’m a swap addict.  I do OTSP Secret Sister and Ninja Swaps and any others I find but who doesn’t love book mail?


You need to be following this hashtag on Twitter for all the best book recommendations.  If you don’t know where to find books that aren’t written by straight white people, start here.  If you are reviewing great books written by authors of color or LGBT authors or disabled authors, tag them and let everyone know.  It is a great community.  There are readalongs and book discussions with people all over the world.


I hated Litsy when it first came out.  I think that was because there was no one using it.  Now it is much better.

I like that there is actually a place where people want to hear about what I am reading right this second instead of annoying people on any of my non-exclusively bookish social media.  I need more people to follow though.  If you are on there, let me know.  I’m @dvmheather.