After I wrote the last post I went off to have a good sulk and personal pity party. First though I decided to rinse my breakfast dish. There wasn’t much water pressure. I checked both bathrooms. Not much pressure there either. Then I went to the barn. Not much there. So I called the husband to see if deadbeat contractor was on his way. (He does come in handy sometimes.)

I decided to look downstairs. When I opened the door I could see the water on the floor. So I rushed down there through ankle-deep water to shut off the water to the house. I had a moment to admire the fountain of water coursing out of the top of my hot water heater. Then I pulled the plug on the iron and sewing machine. Two quilts that were laid out were totally submerged.

So now I have a new hot water heater and most of the water is sucked up. I’m going to see if the quilts are salvagable. I’m not very attached to them so it is ok if they aren’t. Hopefully today the universe won’t throw me anything to distract me from my lack of internet access time.