The Amsterdam Affair

The Amsterdam Affair (A Romantic Escape, #4)

by Kate Frost
Setting: The Netherlands
Published on November 10, 2020
Pages: 204
Format: eBook Source: Book Tour

A new start, a chance encounter, a Christmas to remember. Will Iris's new year be happy ever after?
When Iris Greene's boyfriend surprises her with a romantic dinner at their favourite restaurant, she's expecting a proposal, not a move to another country.
But Amsterdam proves to be the change she never knew she needed, and a surprise encounter with a local actor leads Iris to new friends and the rediscovery of a long lost passion. While Iris thrives in a city filled with festivity, her boyfriend struggles, and her heart is torn in two.
As snow falls and secrets are revealed, Iris must decide her future. Will she be brave enough to start over and take a chance on love?

I quite enjoyed this book about a woman learning that she wants more out of life than she has previously let herself believe.

Iris has been with her boyfriend for six years. They’ve bought a house together. She thinks the next step is marriage and children. (Ok, sidebar. Seriously, six years? Honey, he isn’t going to marry you. I would really like to convince a person I know in real life that this is true. It is frustrating to read about it in books too.)

Anyway, he announces that they are moving from York to Amsterdam in a few weeks. This is the first she’s heard of it. After she uproots her life to move, she is shocked to find that she is thriving in a new country. This doesn’t particularly go over well with her boyfriend.

Iris’s boyfriend is delightfully horrible. That’s delightful to read about – not to live with. There’s no expectation that she’s going to be better off with him so the reader is free to see how she manages her life now that it is taking some unexpected turns.

This is a good book to curl up with read. It takes place mostly around Christmas. It brings the holiday season in The Netherlands into the story well. There are winter markets, parades, cafes, and ice skating to get you into the winter spirit.