I went to see the film The Ant Bully today. The ants were totally Pagan. The wizard ant invoked the elements while doing his spells. (Actually, he forgot the Earth – no wonder it didn’t always work.) Whenever anything good happened they all said, “Praise the Great Mother!” That refers to the Great Mother who laid the first eggs that started all of ant-dom. There was a shrine to her.

I am definately buying this film when it comes out on DVD to have around for the kid. Nice to see some Pagan influence around in a matter of fact way (non-sensational) in a movie.

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  1. wow – very cool

    I had wanted to take the girls to see this one (or at least get it on DVD) and this is a great reason to add it to our shelf

    mama kelly

  2. Amazing that no christian groups are making a stink about that, yet. But then again, they didn’t start in on HP until it was a couple of years old, and had actually started becoming a phenomenon. LOL Maybe the extremists just haven’t seen the movie yet. I’ll have to check this one out, when it comes out on video. Thanks for the recommendation!

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