We are signed up for parenting classes on the next two weekends. I’m holding out hope that these will actually be informative and useful classes about dealing with children who have been through the trauma of being removed from their birth familes and put into foster care. But I’m afraid that it will consist of things like, “Kids need fed” and “Don’t leave them in a locked car.” Absolute worst case scenario – sessions on dealing with infertility. I read in some program from some agency that this would be discussed. I don’t think it was this agency but they may cover it anyway. As a (presumably) fertile person I get all uppity whenever anyone assumes that people adopt only because they can’t have biological kids.

There is a possibility that there may be work done on the kid’s bedroom tomorrow. Since deadbeat contractor is out of the picture nothing has happened. But the husband found another guy. This guy helped deadbeat contractor lay the cement in the barn. He’s also mad at deadbeat contractor because DC owes him money. Hopefully this guy will be more reliable than DC. It would be hard for him to be less reliable but I’ve learned not to count on home renovation stuff getting done unless I see progress with my own eyes.