I have french doors in my living room that open onto nothing. I guess there is supposed to be a deck there eventually but for now they are useless unless I need to escape a fire. Whoever put the doors in was not good at his job. There were gaps between the doors and the frame. This leads to the Battle of the French Doors every winter.

It starts when I lay down on the couch and declare that I can feel a breeze. (We’ve been doing this for three years now. I should no longer be feeling a breeze. The husband is starting to think that it is all in my brain.) We’ve put up rolls and rolls of weatherstripping. We have a blanket across the bottom. We hung a large heavy blind that covers both doors. The couch is still in a cold spot. We’ve put blankets around the doors that lead into the unheated part of the house. The living room is still colder than the rest of the house.

I don’t mind the cold so much as the fact that this house costs a fortune to heat. It is not that big of a house. It doesn’t cost that much to cool. I’m not sure where the heat is going but I’m getting obsessive about chasing it. The husband is suggested that there is a ghost sitting on the couch and when I lay on it that makes me cold.

has a quiz about how eco-friendly you are. I did it out of the magazine last night while pausing in my pursuit of drafts. I got into the second highest score. At least higher energy costs are starting to make people think about energy conservation.