Yesterday at the American History Museum we saw this presentation about how to change lyrics of popular songs to make them into protest songs. There was even an audience sing along portion. Yippee – read that with all the sarcasm intended please. The last thing the SO needed was learning about protest songs. Now when Z put up a “Boys Not Allowed” sign on her room at the apartment he grabbed the teddy bear and led a few verses of “We Shall Overcome” in the hallway.

Today we started at the American Indian Museum. I hadn’t been here before. Z was convinced that Pocohantas (the Disney version of course) would have to be there somewhere because what other Indians are there? Her father is 1/4 Native American so was unimpressed by this argument. Today she decided that she really just wanted to go to the museum stores instead of museums. My ex-husband had the same problem.

If you need to eat on the Mall I highly recommend the cafe at the American Indian Museum. There are stations representing native foods of many different regions in North and South America. I got a squash and bean tamale pie with avocado sauce. The SO got a buffalo burger. Z got (sing it with me now) french fries. Oh well, potatoes are native to the Americas. There was a chocolate tart too. Thank you South America for chocolate!

We took pictures of the Capital steps since Z knows the bill song from SchoolHouse Rock.

“I’m just a bill
Yeah I’m only a bill
And I’m sitting here on Capital Hill”

We liked the art museums best. The crowds weren’t bad and they aren’t dependant on being able to read. We did the Freer and Sackler Galleries today.

Air and Space had a huge line but we went in. Z and I weren’t really into that.

After all these adventures she’s still claiming the best thing is the movie at Natural History on deep sea exploration where the whale dies and falls to the ocean floor and gets eaten. Being six makes that extra cool I guess!