The End of the Road

One of the places we went in Hawaii was the Pololu Lookout.


It is literally the end of the road. If you stand on the last itty bit of pavement and look forward you see this.


To get there you drive northwest out of Waimea on a road that climbs and climbs. At one point you are at about 3000 ft above sea level (There are helpful signs that point out every elevation milestones) and you look over and see this. Yep, you can see the beach – all the way down there.

Road north of Waimea

While we were driving up here we felt like we were the only people around but when we got there it was crowded. People come to see this view.


There is a house right on the side of the road. If I lived there I’d have installed pay toilets and vending machines.

It is super windy. (It is sweet that the husband likes me and zoomed in on me but I’d have liked some scenery in the background.)


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