The joys of free entertainment

I got to my hotel room last night at 9:30 pm in a time zone that is different than mine so I was tired. Traveling does that to me. I’m staying at a fancy-schmancy place. Got to love convention rates. I was envisioning collapsing in a heap on my bed in preparation for a good night’s sleep since the classes started at 8:00 AM today.

When I opened my hotel room door I thought that a radio was playing in the room. It turned out that Tracy Byrd was having a free concert in the mall across the street and 17 floors down from my room. He might have well been playing at the foot of my bed. The bass would occasionally shake papers on my bedside table.

I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other about him. But I do have strong feelings about sleep. There was no way I was getting to sleep. So I took a shower. Still playing. I read a book. Still playing. I was judging the approximate time until the end of the show by the increase in the number of songs that I had heard before. When I had heard them all then I knew it was getting close to the end. I’m sure that he has fans who are jealous of my experience. He sounded good. I just wish I wasn’t able to hear him quite so well in my hotel room with the pillow over my head….

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  • Patty/Autumn

    I know you were mad, It is so annoying to hear music especially the bass in the room. We live in an apartment complex and when the neighbors party all I hear is bam boom bam boom..I am one of those people who can not sleep unless I have total silence so I am feeling your pain..BUT *ginning*
    I am one of those fans who wishes I was there, but then again if I had been there I would have been one of those crazy people who would have went downstairs and stood in the door to listen and hopefully catch a glimpes of him..You can sleep any time lol

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