Black dragon by Ehtisham Sajid

Today I’m celebrating the fantasy books that I’ve read that have less than 500 ratings on Goodreads. These books need some more love.

pretender to the crown willow north melissa mcshane

I was surprised by seeing Pretender to the Crown on this list. This is the start of a great series that has another series after it. Willow North is a thief. But she is pulled into the magical politics of her country when a former friend shows up at her door. There has been an assassination of the King and he has 8 year old rightful heir with him to hide him from the assassins. He wants Willow to get the child out of the country to safety.

This book is so good.

Sorcery & Scones S.R. Meadows

This book is trying so hard to be Legends and Lattes.

This is the story of an orc and a ghoul on the run after a jailbreak. There is tea and a romance.

I love this book. I want a sequel. She has not written a sequel. I’m sad about that.

This is the story about sentient cities. I’m a big fan of sentient anything. Oakland has become sentient and bonded with a caretaker. But she bonded with a person who wasn’t considered qualified to match with a city and that has caused issues in the magical world. Meanwhile Zizi is just trying to get a handle on all of Oakland’s problems now that they are her responsibility.

I’m a bit reluctant to promote this series. It is alternative history where the conflict between the Black Panthers and J. Edgar Hoover is retold as a magical fight. That’s interesting and T. Thorn Coyle is a prominent author/teacher of Wicca and magical practice so she writes well about that aspect of the story. But she is white. I’m not sure how appropriate it is for her to tell this story.

Raven's Haven for Women of Magic

Raven’s Haven is a magical nursing home. The witches who live here are constantly getting in trouble. I love them. The story isn’t actually about them but it should be. It is about one of their granddaughters but she should learn from the old ladies to be more fun.