The Stars Between Us

The Stars Between Us

by Cristin Terrill
Genres: Young Adult Fiction / Science Fiction / Romance, Young Adult Fiction / Science Fiction / Space Opera
Published on August 2, 2022
Pages: 320
Format: Audiobook, eBook Source: Library

Bridgerton meets Illuminae in this explosive, romantic space opera where danger and deception lurk behind glamour and wealth.

Vika Hale longs for a better life than that of a barmaid on a struggling planet, but her dreams have always seemed out of reach despite the mysterious benefactor who bankrolled her education. When the elusive billionaire dies and names Vika in his will, she’s whisked away to a glittering and glamorous new world as the ward of his heir. Suddenly, her wildest dreams don’t seem so impossible.

But when someone targets the will’s heirs in a series of terrifying bombings, Vika’s new life is thrown into uncertainty. Knowing that she may be next, Vika teams up with the one person she’d rather keep at arm’s length—her guardian’s mysterious new assistant, Sky Foster. She doesn't trust Sky, but he may be the only one who can help her discover the bomber’s identity before she becomes the next victim. As Vika grows closer to Sky, she realizes she may not escape these new threats unscathed. Sky is keeping a secret and it's one that could unravel everything.

In The Stars Between Us, Cristin Terrill sweeps readers away to a world where secrets are currency and love is the most dangerous risk of all.

Vika lives on the poorer planet of a two-planet system. Her father used to be an executive at the mining company before the mines went bust. Now they are just scraping by. The only interesting thing that has ever happened in her life was the appearance of a mysterious benefactor. He hasn’t helped much but he did pay for a tutor for her and her sister. He also had her get medical check ups on the main planet. None of it makes any sense but at least she got a bit of education. No one is asking too many questions that might scare him off.

Now Vika finds out that the old man died. In order for his son to collect his massive inheritance, he has to agree to marry Vika. She notices that no one has asked her opinion about this. She has no desire to marry a rich brat that she’s never met but it will get her off her planet and make her wealthy. With no other path out of poverty for her or her family, what choice does she have?

What would you do for wealth? How does it change people? Several people in this book find their financial circumstances changed drastically through the will. People find their worlds turned upside down and their true characters come out.

This book is a mystery with a bit of romance. The main point of the book is to figure out who is manipulating everyone from behind the scenes. Any romance feels secondary. It was fun though and an interesting look at what happens to class dynamics when they are suddenly all mixed up.