I had to go get the husband from the airport at 10:30 last night. That’s no big deal except that it is past my bedtime but for the past few days the weather has been all about a huge “winter storm advisory” for last night. I’m thinking, “Great, I’m going to be out in a blizzard to go get him. It’s going to take hours to get home.” Yesterday afternoon I suddenly realized in all the “winter storm advisory” talk I never heard how much snow was supposed to be coming. Turns out it was 2 – 4 inches. Please. In my hometown that is considered “a light dusting of snow.”

I had to work yesterday afternoon. The day before we had delivered (part natural, part c-section) 9 puppies for one of the receptionist’s Dauchshunds. This person is nuts. She has 17 adult dogs for no discernable reason. They are all well cared care or several of us who work there would be turning her is as a collector. She was all worried about these puppies. I suggested that the best course of action was to leave them alone with their mom but apparently that was just crazy talk. She didn’t come to work yesterday. That left me and one worker. Way understaffed. So I was grumpy. Then I had to do x-rays with this worker. This is the one I had written about before who always is very confused about things like “you can’t have your hands over the part of the dog I’m x-raying” no matter how many hundreds of times she’s helped. Yesterday’s session started her expressing surprise that I wanted to lay the dog on its side. I wouldn’t think that is shocking unless she thought that this time would be different than every other time I’ve ever taken a x-ray. But I digress. I was grumpy.

I got off work at 6 and decided to kill time instead of going home first and then back out to the airport. I went shoe shopping. I’ve been shopping for shoes to go with the bridesmaid’s dress I have to wear in April. I have to get the dress hemmed now but I haven’t been able to find shoes that fit my wide feet. I don’t usually have a problem. But last night I finally found some off white shoes that I actually would be willing to wear again. They were on sale for $23 too!

Then I drove to Columbus. I went to Cheesecake Factory to kill some time. Then I went and browsed at Barnes and Noble. I’m not a bookstore fan. I’d take a library every time. This store’s paganism section is chock full of “I’d like to cast a love spell” kind of books. But I did find one interesting thing to start reading. It is a book called Not in Kansas Anymore: A Curious Tale of How Magic is Transforming America by Christine Wicker. She participated in several pagan things. Of course she picked some of the freakiest. The first one was about a vampire party. But somehow it was not offensive. I’d like to read more of it.

Then it was off to get the husband. He told me that a woman on the plane was hitting on him. He always tells me that. I’d chalk it up to wishful thinking if he hadn’t come home with love notes before. That was from a 5 year old girl on a plane but still. I had him point out his new girlfriend. When we were leaving baggage claim we walked past her. He said hi to her. I think he just wanted to prove to me that he wasn’t making it up. She said hi but she didn’t look like she was madly in love like he said. My purse “accidently” hit him in the back of the leg though for encouraging other women to flirt with him. I told him that I was going to kiss him in public if he didn’t behave. For a person as allergic to public affection as him that is always an effective threat.