I think I may need to come down here for refreshers every so often just to jump start my brain into thinking again.

This session is mainly review for the tests this weekend. This morning was lung, spleen, and liver chinese physiology review. I groaned when I saw that on the schedule. But then the first case presented was strangely similiar to not one but two crazy pneumonia cases that we are struggling with at work. I did acupuncture on one because he was a staff dog. He’s getting better and the other one isn’t. Hmm, coincidence?

Then, and this is just so horrible that you would be right to call Pet Protective Services on me, someone mentioned the herbal formula they have here for tendons and ligaments. It is called, strangely enough, Tendon and Ligament. I forgot it existed. That wouldn’t be so horrible if I didn’t have a cat who is — I don’t know — three legged because of a tendon/ligament injury, for example.

I’m a bad mom. Hanging my head in shame…. I will order Riley some pills to go in some soft cat food and the whole thing will make him happy. The only thing better would be if I stuffed the pills inside Jules and then let him eat the bird to get to the pills. That isn’t going to happen but a cat can dream, can’t he?

I’m going to stop writing now because I’m averaging 5 typos a sentence so obviously I’m mentally impaired. Time for a bath and bed.