I take back my conclusion from the end of the last post that I am pathetic for not wanting to be away from the SO in the evening. It was not patheticness that made me squirmy. It was my female intuition screaming that something bad was happening.

He had two unsupervised hours at home before I got there. You’d think that a reasonable man would be ok. Today he’d probably tell me that my mistake is continuing to think of him as a reasonable grown up in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

He decided that since I wasn’t home to make a (reasonable) dinner like on a normal Tuesday that he’d go to the gourmet grocery store and buy two types of steak and two types of cheese. Then he’d split this meal with Freckles.

When I got home he was sitting in the backyard so he didn’t have to get up every time Freckles had to poop. I had a discussion about how a 30 lb dog does not ever need to split a meal 50/50 with a 200+ lb man even if said man thinks that it isn’t fair otherwise. I also said that he would be getting up with her in the night.

She slept through the night. He didn’t. He then had to leave work early due to the GI aftermath of this. He got home to a dog that is vomiting and having diarrhea. I hope he cleaned that up. Last I heard he was laying on the couch and the dog was laying on the back stoop so she didn’t need him to open the door for her if she needed out.

Boy, I hope that was a tasty meal to make this worthwhile for them.