Shopping Spree

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Instead of having a sewing day today we went on a field trip. We headed to a quilt store two hours away from home.

I hate quilt stores. I know that is speaking the blasphemy since all quilters are supposed to love and support their local quilt store. But, I’ve never really been impressed because I’m too cheap. Also I like wild stuff and it seems that quilt stores in my area are only recently coming around to stocking bright colors.

We got there and I lead the way inside. The store was two stories stacked floor to ceiling with bolts of fabric. Home dec fabric. Not a bolt of cotton in the place. We were threatening the person who organized this trip when the staff told us their quilt store was down the street. I told the lady that she had saved a person’s life today.

I actually liked stuff there and bought stuff. A miracle! I still can’t quite get into the Moda designs. I like other people’s quilts made with it but the fabric itself doesn’t speak to me at all.

I got some flannels for backings and random fabric that I like that don’t really have a purpose.

Then we were browsing antique stores. Personally I think that there are good reasons why people wanted to get rid of this crap.

Then we went to an "Amish" restaurant in spite of my constant pointing out of other options. It is more of a theme park since there wasn’t a single Amish person in evidence. Amish in this case equals "no vegetarian options except an afterthought of a salad bar" but they had wonderful cherry pie.

It is way later than I thought it would be. I started getting antsy. I’m used to being home when the SO gets home on Tuesdays and we have dinner. I think they noticed my squirminess since they are now referring to me as a wilting flower who has to be home before dark. I’ve turned into one of those pathetic people who wants to be home with her man. Sad, really, but I like him.

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