Z’s back this weekend. Welcome to part 2 of Eating like a Normal Human!

Today for lunch she had a sandwich. I think her main sandwich familiarity comes from Subway where she gets a lettuce and black olive sandwich. We can recreate that at home. I had her make the sandwich. Disaster ensued when she put her toppings on one piece of bread and then tried to flip it over onto the empty bread. We reassembled and tried again with putting it together right. Then I had to explain lining up the bread so it was all going the same direction. After that she didn’t have the logistics of real sandwich eating down so she ate the lettuce and olives.

Dinner for us was stir fry with noodles. If you watch enough of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution eventually you just have to make the stir fry. I kept out some of the veggies from the stir fry for Z. I didn’t think the ginger-garlic sauce would increase her love of veggies. I gave her a sampler plate with carrots, grapes, and green beans (the hits of last week) and added some lettuce, snow peas, and pistachio nuts. The new stuff wasn’t as big of a hit as the old stuff. But, there was no screaming! She just sat down and started on the beans. She did ask why we continued to force her to eat vegetables like she suspected this was a dark plot against her. How right she is!

Later I’m making baked apples stuffed with raisins and a brown sugar – cinnamon sauce. She had asked for apples earlier. I was surprised since last week she declared she didn’t eat apples. She told me over dinner that she only eats apples if they are made at a store. She doesn’t eat homemade apple stuff. If we can just get her over the idea that homemade food is inferior to store bought we’ll be on a roll.

But so far so good. At least we didn’t have to look at the screaming mucus monster over dinner again!