I have a dirty little secret. I’m a registered Republican. Let’s call it a youthful indescretion. I was 18 when I registered and just signed up for what my parents did. I recently learned how to change it but if I do I won’t get gems like this.

I got a letter from the local tea party crazy person to ask me for money. There was a survey. I love surveys. It asked my opinions on all kinds of issues. I answered honestly but my answers aren’t what they were looking for. Then it asked what I thought were the most important issues for the country. I gleefully wrote down GLBT rights, making it easier to legally immigrate from Mexico, and national health care reform. I wavered in my desire to send it back when I realized I had to supply my own stamp but then I read the accompanying letter and figured it was well worth $0.44.

I’m not sure what offended me more – the content of the letter or the style. Bold type, italics, quotation marks, font changes, and underlining is thrown in willy nilly. Let me give an example.

    I believe that perversion has come to America!


    Maybe the don’t believe in God?

After all, they have taken the Bible, The 10 Commandments, prayer and any reference to Christianity out of our schools. ….

And on and on and on.

He brags about sponsoring all kinds of antiabortion bills and bills to ban gay people from fostering or adopting. He’s so proud of himself for being a true conservative. It almost makes me want to vote in the Republican primary just to vote against him.