We got a new roof today.

They came the other day to drop off all the supplies on the roof.  Freckles was not having it.  People walking around on the roof and making noise was unacceptable.  It was sort of fun to watch her run around and bark at the ceiling but eventually we convinced her to lie down and chill.

They came back today.

There was barking again.  I told her it was OK.  She gave me a look that clearly stated that she knows several definitions of the word OK and people trying to get in by tearing off the roof of the house is not in any of them.  She finally laid down but she kept giving me the eye.  It was like she wanted me to sign a waiver saying that if they got through the roof and stole everything it was not on her because she told me so!

Wait until tomorrow when they come to finish up and there are plumbers in the house too.