I loved doing The Reading Quest.  I used a lot of TBR books that I may have ignored for longer to fill in a lot of board.


I started out as a mage.

One Word Title Stained +20 XP +20 HP
Book with Magic Valley of the Wolves +10 +24
Mythology Bride of the Water God +10 +9
Different World An Heir of Thorns and Steel +20 +35
First in Series Aya of Yop City +10 +5

Then I moved on to be a Knight.

Verb  Unmasking Miss Appleby  +10 Xp +36 HP
Weapon Give a Girl a Knife +10 EX +30 HP
Red  Nerd Do Well +10 XP +35 HP
TV/Movie Blue is the Warmest Color +10 XP +15 XP

After that came Rogue.

Face  Remember the Ladies +10 XP +32
Small Press      
<500 Ratings      

Side Quests

2 authors  All American Boys +20 XP +31 HP
Grind House of Spies +10 +51
Time Warp My Soul to Take +10 XP +35 HP
Open World  An Extraordinary Union +20 XP +26 HP
Expansion  Resisting Miss Merryweather +10 XP +15 HP
Mini-Game  Bride’s Story 2  +10 XP +8 HP
Animal Companion The Rabbi’s Cat +5 EX  +7 Hp

I am sad that so many of these books were translated from another language but I never made it to Bard to check that box.

I totaled all my points with bonus and social media etc. and had 300 XP and 414 Health Points.  That made me a level 6. 

This was a lot of fun.  I’m looking forward to the next game she puts out.