top ten tuesday
Flying witch artwork by astromoali.

Today I am combining Top Ten Tuesday with Wyrd & Wonder to discuss

Things That Make Me Instantly Want to Read a Fantasy Book

Sentient Places

I fell in love with sentient houses when I read about the mood-wallpaper in a Sarah Addison Allen book. If you have a magical house in your book, I will read it.

I’m also fond of sentient cities or other geographic areas.

Set Somewhere Interesting

I’ve been challenging myself to read books set in the southern hemisphere and/or by authors from the southern hemisphere. If I find fantasy books that fit that criteria, I perk up. That’s how I found W. R. Gingell’s books that I’ve been binging.

I don’t know that the descriptions would have caught my eye but the fact that they are set in Hobart Tasmania did. I’m really enjoying them. I’m always looking for more suggestions so if you know any fantasy set in South America or southern Africa, I’m all ears.