I planted 5 tomato plants of different varieties and 5 pepper plants. I learned from last year and put the tomato cages on the plants now instead of waiting and having to wrestle monstrous plants into them later. I started several rows of lettuce and spinach. There are also cucumbers and green beans.

The bed behind the vegetable bed is mostly in the shade. I took the pictures this morning at the only time it gets any sun all day.


This year I added a few ferns. There is a Japanese Painted Fern (not pictured) for color and an Ostrich Fern against the back fence that is supposed to get tall. The hydrangea in the back was planted last year. It bloomed pink and didn’t get very big but it seems to be growing well this year. I planted a white astilbe in the fall of 2008. It didn’t do much last year but it is huge already this year. Originally I wanted three astilbe but I made a mistake when ordering and only got one. Since it is doing so well this year I added two of the same size near it. I’m going for a jungle look in this corner.


This is called a Persian Shield. I don’t know anything about them except that it is a tropical foliage plant that is supposed to get four feet tall. I planted two of these just to see what they end up like.