I’ve actually been reading books. I know! I was shocked too.


  • I read this series because I had never read any Beverly Jenkins before. 
  • I read them out of order.  Book 3, then 1, then 2.
  • Either book 2 was by far the weakest or I was just getting bored by then





  • I finished it!  I think I started this one in August or September.
  • It was a weird read for me.  I would have to force myself to pick it up and then I’d start reading and get into it and wonder why I wasn’t reading this more often.  Then I’d put it down for a while and start the whole cycle all over.
  • This is sort of a Need To Know book.  If you aren’t going to be in Avignon soon (Me! Me!) or have a strong interest in church history (also me), it wouldn’t be of interest.
  • The more church history I read the more I wonder why anyone is still into Christianity.  It is just a history of the same corruption and schemes over and over down through the centuries.  At least make up a new scam for variety.