I’ve got all new books this week.


  •  This is my new audio book from the library.
  • It is narrated by the author who talks fast enough that I had to slow it down to 1x playback speed for a while to be able to understand.
  • They made mass quantities of chicken and rice, ham and cheese sandwiches,  and stew to feed people.
  • His plans for food relief include buying the food locally to get businesses operating again quickly.
  • He talks about making food for relief efforts in Haiti and having to have the humility to adapt to local culture. He made Spanish style beans and not Haitian style as he was told by some local ladies.
  • Why have I never heard of the Southern Baptists’ relief efforts?  They cook all the food for the Red Cross. I went to a Southern Baptist church for 4 years and it was never mentioned.




I pre-ordered this book. It came on Tuesday. I decided that I would wait until my day off on Thursday to read it all at once and savor it.  I’m a huge fan of this series. (I’ve watched an illegal upload of The Discovery of Witches TV pilot 5 times this week.)

  • Of course, I started this on Tuesday. I don’t know who I thought I was fooling with that waiting until Thursday nonsense.
  • I’m…not loving it…. It hurt to say that. Of course, not loving it is relative because I’m comparing it to the original trilogy that I read at least once a year.
  • I think the problem is that this is Marcus’ story. You know how he ends up from reading the other books. This is giving you back story so there isn’t a whole lot of suspense.
  • Stuff in the present is focused a lot on Matthew and Diana’s twin toddlers. I’m a person who thinks a story is ruined once you bring kids into it. Not interested in them at all.
  • I finished it. The present storyline grew on me a bit. It is good but it isn’t one I see myself rereading regularly.