• I’m listening to the audiobook which is read by LeVar Burton.  Can you get more soothing than LeVar telling the story of Mr. Rogers? I think not.
      • Mr. Rogers’ family was super-wealthy.  I’m not sure why that surprises me so much.  Is it because we always just saw him in the little two room house that didn’t even have a bedroom?  Or is it because it is hard to believe that the eldest son of a family of industrial tycoons could turn out to be so gentle and loving to others after living a life of luxury?  His family was very charitable.  Not in a “flashy, name everything after yourself” kind of way but in a “write a check for any family in need that you hear of” kind of way.
      • He had a degree in music composition and was a pianist who had his concert grand shipped everywhere he lived but he was always playing that little rinky dink upright piano on the show.  LOL








  • I’ve been following the author on Twitter ever since I heard that this was a job. I think that was after I visited the Tower or else I would have spent more time stalking ravens when I was there.
  • If you do follow him, a lot of what is in this book isn’t new info but it still is interesting.  If you don’t know about his job, it is fascinating.
  • Most of the book is about the ravens outsmarting humans, including him.  Only one of them is fairly tame and she is still very opinionated.
  • Foxes live in the Tower.  That surprises me.  It is a very busy place.  I wouldn’t think they would like it there but there is a lot of human food they can eat.  They are constantly trying to eat the ravens too.  Sometimes they have succeeded.
  • I actually finished this one and reviewed it yesterday.  

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  1. I didn’t know LeVar Burton narrated the Fred Rogers biography and that is something I NEED in my life. I really enjoyed this post, thank you!

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