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  • I liked this story of a woman who is running from a failing marriage by investigating an inheritance left to her mother in India.
  • This family has a lot of secrets that they won’t tell each other.  That annoys me in a story.  If the entire conflict could be resolved by one clear conversation, I tend to get bored.
  • There is a brief discussion of adoption that implies that only people who are infertile adopt children.  The person says that she wishes it wasn’t that way.  It really makes adoption sound like a last resort thing to do.


  • I received a copy of this eARC unasked for in my email.  It makes me feel like a chosen one.
  • I’ve only read one of her books before and it was ok.  This one was much better.
  • She’s the widowed, pregnant daughter of a preacher.
  • He’s a self-made banker convicted of a murder.
  • He marries her to let her inherit his money when he is executed in a few days so she can get away from her overbearing father.  But then he isn’t executed.  He’s pardoned at the last second because it has been discovered that he is the heir to a dukedom that has been unclaimed for a while.  Now they have to decide whether or not to go through with the marriage.
  • No explicit sex scenes. Thank you!  Most everything is implied or fade to black.  I find sex scenes incredibly boring.
  • All the family members are weird.  I hope the next books in the series focus on each of them in turn. 

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