Thoughts While Reading

  • This is my new audiobook
  • Eric Idle is my favorite Python so of course I had to get this.
  • He reads it so it is just as delightful as it should be.
  • He seems quite surprised to find that he knows a lot of famous people.  They tend to congregate so once you meet one (or become one) you seem to know them all.













  • I found this while I was purging books on my bookshelves.  It is amazing what you find.  This looks like just the kind of thing that I’d like which is most likely why I own it.
  •  I’m considering just reading books on my bookshelf for a while.  (I crack myself up.  How many times have I decided that and then I go slinking off to the library like a shameless book hussy?)
  •  Saladin Ahmed – love him on Twitter, haven’t read his comics yet (Abbot is on hold at the library…. crap, I didn’t even get through the next bullet point before cheating on my bookshelf), had mixed feelings about his novel – I liked his short story here about a man happily married to a demon
  •  Peter Beagle – couldn’t ever get through either the book or movie version of The Last Unicorn – His story here is about children of the Shark God. Has some interesting imagery but not my favorite
  •  Heather Brewer – She had two stories 
  • Jim Butcher – I love him.  I’m worried about him.  He hasn’t published anything in a while. (I check every so often to make sure he hasn’t died.  Is that wrong?)  This story takes place pretty far back in the Dresden Files timeline so it took me a second to remember who some of the characters were.  Dresden doesn’t appear but it was pretty good anyway.

What Do You Think?

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