I love the location of my house.  I love my yard.  I love the space in my house.  I hate, hate, hate the way the space is laid out in my house.  We’ve considered moving but can’t find a house that fixes what we don’t like here without giving up everything we do like about this house. 

It is completely illogical.  Think of the main living space as a big open square.  Now subdivide that into three long skinny rectangles for reasons that are totally unclear.  Put the kitchen in part of the middle rectangle.  Force a claustrophobic dining area into the rest of the middle section.  Make two living rooms in the skinny spaces on either side.  Add in french doors and a fireplace situated where you can’t sit and look at it and it all adds up to me dreaming about knocking down walls and moving kitchens and other things I can’t afford to do.

Down the hall there are four small bedrooms and two completely tiny bathrooms.  That’s not just a spoiled homeowner opinion.  In one bathroom the only one who can use the shower is Freckles because it isn’t wide enough for your elbows when you lift your hands up to wash your hair. If you can’t use it, it is just wasted space.

But all at once last year I had a vision.  It started with remodeling Z’s room since she isn’t visiting here.  If we made that into a library, then we could move our bookcases out of the one living room into that room.  That opens up space that we could move the dining room table into.  Then we rearrange one couch to face the fireplace.  Then we could move the computer equipment from one bedroom into the former dining room, freeing up that bedroom.  We open the wall between our bedroom and that bedroom and make a master bathroom.  The super tiny bathroom off our bedroom becomes a closet.  It is like dominos falling.  Do one thing and the next thing becomes possible.

I spoke of it as a possible dream.  Now it is starting to happen.  The room got changed from pink walls to grey.  The bookcases got moved in.  We got rid of the bed and put in a daybed.  The cat tree moved in there.  Now it is a library/music room.


The bookcases are across from the daybed. I got lots of comfy, fuzzy pillows to make a nice reading space where I haven’t read yet at all. I have however practiced my harp while sitting on my tufted blue toadstool which makes me very happy.

Elsewhere, the dining table has moved and the couch faces the fireplace. Now we just have to make a bathroom plan and save up loads of money!